Garam Masala


Garam Masala is a well-known staple in the Indian spice palette and is a very mainstream flavour combination. It is used as a base masala in all varieties of daily and festive cooking. <!–The complex flavouring and particular aroma in EarthSpice Garam Masala are created by grounding an exact proportion of various spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, and nutmeg. These spices not only give a warm effect to food but also have various medicinal properties. EarthSpice Garam Masala brings you the benefits of Indian spices in both taste and health in an expertly prepared and trusted product.–>


Cumin Seeds Black Pepper Cassia
Dried Ginger Cardamom Amomum
Cloves Nutmeg Mace
Green Cardamom Bay Leaf
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