Galouti Kebab


Galouti Kebab is an iconic part of the Awadhi cuisine, most popularly found in the food stalls and restaurants of Lucknow. <!–EarthSpice Galouti Kebab Masala is a delightful and flavour-filled seasoning for Galouti Kebabs. This product tingles with the taste of Coriander, Pomegranate seeds, Chilli powder, Musk Melon, whole cumin, salt, mace, star anise, cloves, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger, Green Cardamom, and nutmeg, all of which are the choice ingredients of a delightful Galouti kabab masala recipe.


Coriander Seeds Cumin Nutmeg
Black Pepper Cloves Shahi Jeera
Green Cardamom Mace Casia
Dried Ginger Rose Pettals
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