Kabab Masala


Kebabs are a part of the Mughlai culinary heritage of India, and even today it is everyone’s favourite appetizer and snack item. It is a meat preparation of grilled meat and spices cooked on a skewer (seekh). The kebabs prepared in Lucknow and Old Delhi are famous all over the country, and with EarthSpice Kebab Masala <!–you can recreate those divine flavours and enjoy the taste of restaurant-quality kebabs right at home. Whether you want to go for the taste of Tunde Kebab or an authentic Arabic Kebab, this masala brings you the perfectly blended combination of spices to help you easily make delicious kebabs for all occasions.



Coriander Seeds Cassia, Star Anis Black Pepper
Cumin Dried Ginger Cloves, Cardamom
Green Cardamom Mace, Pipali Black Cumin
Rose Leaves White Pepper Amomum
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