Bhatti Masala


EarthSpice Bhatti Masala is a staple spice combination used mainly in grilled preparations. By roasting Whole Coriander, Bayleaf, Black pepper, Cinnamon sticks, Green cardamom, Black cardamom, Cumin and adding that to ginger powder and kasoori methi, we get this famous and secretly guarded masala long used by Indian chefs. EarthSpice Bhatti Masala is perfect for any item on your tandoori recipe list and other preparations such as tawa chicken dora and Afghani chicken as well.<!– It is an equally good option for vegetarian dishes also. Bring EarthSpice Bhatti Masala to your home and kitchen to enjoy the best of ingredients and flavours.–>


Black Pepper Pomegranate Seeds Cassia
Cumin Black Cardamom Coriander Seeds
Green Cardamom Cloves Fenugreek Leaves
Mace Nutmeg


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